There are three entities that comprise a construction project: Owner, Designer, and Builder, all of whom perform vastly different functions from one another. It is ABBCM’s job to cohesively manage these parties to ensure the project is delivered on time, on budget, and to the level of quality expected.


Our Pre-Construction services include reviewing design for constructability, sequencing, schedule, lead times, reviewing substitutions, design-build packages like curtain wall systems, pre-cast concrete, and procuring the work cost effectively.  Our extensive architectural-engineering design expertise allows for us to have a higher level of control over understanding the design intent, review substitutions where appropriate, modify design to accommodate sequence of construction without risk and save time and money.

ABBCM is experienced in all of the different delivery methods and subsequently can assist you with choosing the best one for your project, including: Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Design-Build (DB), Cost Plus (CP), and Construction Management at Risk (CMAR).

Our construction management services include:

  • Manage all team communications
  • Provide accurate conceptual and programmatic estimates
  • Manage budget development and cost control
  • Oversee the design management
  • Develop conceptual scheduling and alternative analysis
  • Create the overall program schedules
  • Study and develop logistics and phasing plans
  • Planning for work in occupied buildings
  • Accurate estimating, value engineering and cost control
  • Design constructability reviews
  • Peer review of Architect’s plans and specifications
  • Proactive quality management
  • Develop and manage quality assurance programs
  • Implement proactive quality control programs
  • Manage pre-construction and construction phases
  • Manage construction credits for LEED certified buildings
  • Procurement management and trade contractor bidding
  • Control payment to trade contractors
  • Manage and document team meetings
  • Construction monitoring and field quality control
  • Operations and maintenance training
  • Energy and equipment rebate management
  • Warranty and as-built management
  • Certificate of occupancy and move-in
  • 5 Month Warranty Walk

Additional ABBCM service offerings include:

  • Material procurement for curtain wall, glazing lighting and Energy systems
  • Building systems commissioning
  • Design-build services for building enclosure, HVAC, plumbing and sustainability projects
  • Full renovation planning
  • Construction monitoring for quality assurance
  • Performance testing of critical elements of the project
  • Investment grade energy audits
  • Mechanical, solar, and LED retrofit consulting