We know that quality – or lack thereof – can be a major liability in construction. Without an engaged and construction management team, the risk of defective construction increases exponentially.

ABBCM, LLC provides specialized construction management (CM) for services for clients looking to reduce risk in construction by enhancing the services to include specialized quality assurance, technical design review and pre-construction services. Our highly experienced Construction Managers work as owners’ advocates to be the liaison for owners, lending institutions, contractors and the architectural team to deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and to industry standards.

While all CM firms provide coordination between the Owner, Contractor, Architect, to manage RFI process, review schedules, change order and cost management, ABBCM sets itself apart from other firms with our technical expertise and dedication to risk mitigation.

ABBCM has learned to de-risk construction projects by using our forensic expertise from 100s of projects built defectively causing billions of dollars’ worth of liability. We have an incredible database of “what not to do.” Our technical team involved in the project performs a review of the design for common mistakes that cause leaks, failures in fire resistive construction, mechanical systems, premature glazing and curtain wall failures, and systems most likely to fail. In addition, our enhanced construction management solutions include quality assurance inspection to ensure that mistakes and defects are kept to a minimum, and our testing experts perform timely performance testing of completed assemblies.

We have over three decades of experience in discovering and preventing latent defects, reviewing design efforts, and providing quality assurance services. We have refined this skillset into a service platform that centers around conscientious budgeting, dependable scheduling, and proven quality assurance management with a technical edge.