What is a Construction Manager?   

Until relatively recently in history, an Architect would be their Patron’s chief representative throughout the design and construction process. These “Master Builders” would often spend a lifetime on some great castle or cathedral, delivering their artistic vision by closely managing the materials and workforce. They were responsible for budget and schedule, in addition to design and quality. 

In recent times, professionals have become more specialized, with clear roles and responsibilities between Architects, Engineers, and Contractors. 

A Construction Manager is the modern Master Builder. Take the design expertise of an Architect or Engineer and add the “means and methods” expertise of a Contractor, and a Construction Manager is born. 

Who needs a Construction Manager?   

Most large Developers have a dedicated staff of professionals that are adept at managing the Entitlement process, managing the design process with Architects and Engineers, managing the Permitting process, managing the Bidding process, managing the overall Construction process, and managing the Close-Out process. While large Developers do engage ABBCM occasionally for special projects, our Clients tend to be Landowners, first-time Builders, Condo Associations, Home Owners Associations, Hotels, Hospitals, and Government Agencies. Most of our project involve repairs or reconstruction, often in occupied buildings. 

Why select ABBCM over another Construction Manager?   

Every Construction Management firm should be able to keep tabs on the design process, but ABBCM knows that this is a crucial part of the project when the quality expected is being defined. ABBCM performs extensive Contructibility Reviews, engaging our technical experts from across our ABBAE family as needed. 

Every Construction Management firm should be able to keep tabs on the permitting process, but ABBCM knows that this can be a long, drawn-out process and various methods exist to expedite the process. ABBCM vets designs ahead of permit application to minimize permit review comments. ABBCM uses a network of 3rd Party Permit Expediters that can facilitate permit approvals. 

Every Construction Management firm should be able to prepare a Request for Proposals and collect Bids for a Project, but ABBCM knows that a well-prepared bid package can set a project up forsuccess from the beginning. ABBCM prepares a draft Owner/Contractor Agreement, includes well thoughtout site logistics and house rules, and established clear roles and responsibilities of all parties. 

Every Construction Management firm should be able to oversee the Construction Process by enforcing the contract and facilitating meeting, but ABBCM knows that a passive or reactive approach to managing a Contractor (or a Client’s expectations) is a risky approach. ABBCM monitors budget, schedule and quality very closely. We also ensure that the Owner (including multiple homeowners and occupants in many cases) are well-informed of the upcoming work, work in progress, and solicit feedback on the performance of the team. While budget, schedule, and quality are the three pillars of every project, the foundation is rooted in the relationships between all parties on the project.  

Every Construction Management firm should be able to see the Project closed out properly, but ABBCM knows this is an often overlooked process. ABBCM ensures that the Owner’s maintenance are properly trained prior to the beginning of the warranty period. We make sure that as-built drawings, operation, & maintenance manuals, warranties, & guarantees are properly packages and turned over to the owner. Because so many of our projects are repairs or re-construction of earlier project that failed pre-maturely, we know the value of bullet-proof warranties and proper close-out documentation.