ABBCM routinely works on multi-family residential projects and understands the challenges of work on both new construction and occupied residential buildings.

Multi-family residential projects can incorporate complicated façade elements like, curtain wall, stucco, siding, metal panels and other elements. Roofs can include low slope, metal or other types of steep slope roofing. Some of the common risks in construction of multi-family include, podium and balcony waterproofing, façade and glazing systems, fire protection systems, HVAC and plumbing systems, fire rated wall construction, noise transmission between units and shower waterproofing.


ABB’s forensic team has investigated over 350,000 multi-family units for failures worth billions of dollars in all types of multi-family buildings types – including podium style, high-rises, and garden style buildings. We apply our forensic learnings from common mistakes made by contractors to reduce risk in construction. Our Construction Management Team works closely with developers and contractors for pre-construction services, City/County permit departments, environmental firms, prime-contractors, architects, structural and other engineers. For remedial construction, we work with HOAs/AOAO board members and property managers to develop suitable and innovative solutions to improve the general performance of each repaired or replaced system while minimizing costs, or to ensure the greatest long-term performance for the repairs.